Handmade Luxury Pet Beds

Azzie’s SnugglePods are hand made using up to two kilo’s (4.4lbs) of beautifully soft Australian Merino wool. The original SnugglePods measure approximately 45cm (17.7in) wide, 20+ cm (8in) high and 4 cm (1.5in) thick and are perfect for any size cat, even the mighty Maine Coon. They have a nice amount of give to accommodate our kids movements as they sleep or stretch. 

The perfect calming bed

The shape of the pod helps cradle your pet, providing emotional comfort and sense of safety while they sleep, they are perfect for cats with anxiety issues as the feel of the wool against their bodies helps to calm them.

Made from 100% Australian Merino Wool

All of our SnugglePods and SnuggleBlankets are made using 100% Australian merino wool for the ultimate in comfort and warmth. Deluxe SnugglePods are twice as thick as the original and quite a bit larger, perfect for sharing with kitty siblings or indulging one very spoilt baby.

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