Is your furry pet spoilt? Mine certainly is. Being a devoted cat slave, I decided to hand knit my Maine Coon cat, Azrael, the ultimate luxury bed and as soon as I posted photos, people wanted one. They discovered their own cats and small dogs adore them just as much as Azzie and subsequently the SnugglePod was born.

Azzie’s SnugglePods are hand made using one to two* kilo’s of beautifully soft Australian Merino wool. The original SnugglePods measure approximately 45cm wide, 20+ cm high and 4 cm thick and are perfect for any size cat, even the mighty Maine Coon. They have a nice amount of give to accommodate our kids movements as they sleep or stretch. The shape of the pod helps cradle your pet, providing emotional comfort and sense of safety while they sleep, they are perfect for cats with anxiety issues as the feel of the wool against their bodies helps to calm them.

SnugglePods are fantastic for both winter and summer use. Being a natural fibre, wool helps regulate your pets body temperature meaning they won’t overheat while snoozing in the summer sun and their pod will keep them cozy and warm on those cold winter nights. Older cats and dogs really appreciate the natural warmth of their SnugglePod during the colder months and we have received a lot of positive feedback from pet owners who say the SnugglePod has been a fabulous investment for their senior pet.

Each SnugglePod transforms from a winter bed to a summer bed enabling it to be used year round. Simply curl the sides inwards, into the SnugglePod. This makes for comfy summer lounging and enables easy access for the older pets, puppies or kittens with the added benefit of having a lovely soft pillow on which to rest their tired head.

Our Deluxe SnugglePods are also made using 100% Australian merino wool and are just as comfy and snuggly as the original. They are twice as thick as the original and quite a bit larger, perfect for sharing with kitty siblings or indulging one very spoilt baby.

I also custom make Azzie’s beds, tailoring them to each individual pets needs. If you have a large Maine Coon (over 8kg) or an elderly cat/dog please add this to the notes in our checkout, including any special needs your pet may have. This way I can make adjustments so that your SnugglePod is perfectly suited for your kid.

SnugglePods can be gently hand washed, however I strongly advise that you use a cotton baby blanket to line the bed and change the blanket weekly. They are far easier to wash in the event of kitty/puppy pukes, accidental poop tracking and keeping on top of shedding or body oils for our hairless kids out there. For more information, please visit our care instruction page.

Azzie’s SnugglePods are also perfect for pets or owners who suffer from allergies. Wool is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

We have many wonderful reviews from happy customers so give our beds a try! I know that your kids will love their SnugglePod just as much as Azrael does!


* Original SnugglePods use 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) of pure merino wool per bed

* Deluxe SnugglePods/SnuggleBlanket uses 2 kilos (4.4 lbs) of pure merino wool   per bed


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