Care Instructions

Wool is a gorgeous fibre but it does need special love and care. As wool is natural, it may pill and shed slightly over time. If this occurs, simply tuck any pulled fibre back into the bed and smooth it down or gently trim the area. Be careful not to take too much off as this can create even more shedding. Less is better.

I recommend placing a small 100% cotton pet or baby blanket on the inside of your SnugglePod as they are far easier to wash than the pod itself and helps to keep the inside nice and clean.

Pretty please, never put your SnugglePod in the washing machine! A rough and tumble wash ride may be a blast for our fun loving shirts and shorts but your pod prefers a gentler touch. If possible your original  SnugglePod should be dry cleaned.

Your Deluxe SnugglePod must be dry cleaned only, due to the thickness of the fibres. It can however he gently spot cleaned.

If your pet does have an accident then spot clean immediately. Rinse the stained area with cold water, do not scrub or rub the wool, then gently press between two towels and lay flat to dry. Be sure to turn the SnugglePod so that both sides can dry evenly. 

You can hand wash your original SnugglePod however do so very gently in cold water. Again don’t rub or scrub at the fibers as this will ruin it. Just give it a very gentle soak and move it around carefully in the water. The gentler the touch, the better.

If you do choose to use detergent then please use a good quality product designed for wool such as Martha Gardners Wool Mix. This has a delightful scent and is gentle on the fibers. Be sure to rinse this well.

When drying, try to avoid harsh sunlight. Begin by pressing your SnugglePod between two towels to remove as much moisture as possible. 

Make sure you don’t ring your pod out as it will not appreciate rough treatment. Lay your SnugglePod as flat as possible and be sure to turn it regularly to ensure even drying. 

Wool dries quicker than some other fibers but remember, this is super chunky yarn so you will need to be patient.

Once your SnugglePod is dry, gently run your hands lengthways along the bed (not from top to bottom) and do so like you are patting a cat. This helps to push any wayward fibers back into place. You will soon learn which is the ‘correct’ direction as the fibers will sit nice and flat.

I have had a chunky merino wool blanket going on 6 years, it still looks lovely and I have never had to wash it (only spot clean). Wool tends to naturally repel dirt especially if given a gentle pat down from time to time. It is also resistant to dust mites and is hypoallergenic.

Caring for your SnuggleBlanket 

Much like the SnugglePod, our SnuggleBlankets need to be treated with a gentle hand and a lot of tender loving care. They do not enjoy rough treatment.

SnuggleBlankets need to be dry cleaned only. I do not recommend hand washing as despite being a strong fibre, it is still delicate.

If you do have a small spill or stain then rinse the stained area with cold water, do not scrub or rub the wool, then gently press between two towels and lay flat to dry. Be sure to turn the SnuggleBlanket so that both sides can dry evenly. 

While cuddling under your SnuggleBlanket, gently run your hands down the wool so that the fibers lay flat. You will soon learn which is the correct way. This helps keep your blanket looking its best and prevent shedding and pilling.

Please let us know if you need any help and enjoy your gorgeous SnugglePod!!

Lots of Purrrrrs…..

Kirsten and Azzie 

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