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Each SnugglePod is hand made using one kilo (2.2lbs) of beautifully soft 100% Australian wool. They measure approximately 40cm (15.7in) wide x 20cm (7.87in) high x 3cm (1.2in) thick and have a nice amount of give to accommodate our pets movements as they sleep or stretch and are perfect for any size cat, from kitten to a large Maine Coon or small to medium size dog.

By providing the cat size above, I still use the full 1kg of wool, I use this size to adjust the pattern so that it will fit your kitty the best.

Before purchasing, we recommend you read our care instructions and remember that colours may look different under different lighting conditions and monitors.

Because all SnugglePods are hand made to order, please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to be fulfilled. If you are ordering from overseas, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.


Azzie’s SnugglePods are the softest, squishiest beds that pets absolutely love.

Made from 100% soft Australian merino wool, SnugglePods are perfect for both winter and summer use. Wool helps regulate your pets body temperature meaning they won’t overheat while snoozing in the summer sun and their pod will keep them cozy and warm on those cold winter nights.

Azzie’s SnugglePods are also perfect for pets or owners who suffer from allergies. Wool is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

Our original SnugglePods are perfect for any size cat, from kitten to a large Maine Coon.

Snugglepods can be custom made for animals with special needs or larger dogs. Please contact me and we can have a chat about your special requirements.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

40cm (15.7in) wide x 20cm (7.87in) high x 3cm (1.2in) thick


Wool is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

8 reviews for SnugglePod

  1. Kirsten

    Thank you Kirsten for our specially made Snugglepod. I really appreciated that it was made with lower sides for my girl as she is quite old and doesn’t have the long legs that Maine coon cats have. From the minute our pod arrived Khamun has not slept anywhere else and as winter hits I’m happy that she is all tucked away and warm in her pod. I also love the fact that they are made from 100% Australian Merino Wool and are very thick and excellent quality. I highly recommend these pods for all you feline friends.

  2. Denise

    Beautiful kitty bed, well made, great communication about progress, delivered to my door would thoroughly recommend ❤️
    The jury is out for Pippy!

  3. Lucinda

    Kirsten’s handiwork with these gorgeous snugglepods is fantastic – we bought 2 & it was worth every cent – unlike the crappy beds & kitty cat toys you get from pet stores & Kmart, these are gorgeous hand made items from real Australian merino wool – they are so lovely to have around the house & – our MC loves them – even more so now that it’s winter. we recently went away for a month & I sent one of her snugglepods with her to the cattery so she remembered us 🙂 the cattery staff all raved about it – I can’t recommend these highly enough!

    Our Maine coon cat is only 8mo (but already weighs 5kg!) & she has no issues getting into it – I find she starts off using it as a pillow & then gradually progresses into the pod as she gets colder – she loves the natural smell of the wool (& I love that it’s not overpowering). I fluff it up & reshape it every few days because she flattens/spreads it out by sleeping on it so much, but I think that’s a good sign that she’ll fit into it longer term (it will grow with her!) and its very easy to put it back into shape. The snugglepod has not shed much at all (maybe when I wash it the first time?); on delivery, Kirsten provided a care video which was very useful info – I know how to wash it now without shrinking it!

    It suggests adding a cup of vinegar to prevent shedding etc – v clever! I figure it would have an antibacterial effect as well – which is great for the odd kitty litter accident that results in poopy paws 🐾 😞

    The snugglepod has developed some minor pulls – its very simple to push them back into the knit tho.
    I ordered two snugglepods – the marine blue & the smoke (for 2 diff parts of the house) & our MC uses them both over any other bedding we’ve got for her (& there’s lots!) – the smoke is a more uniform grey than I expected, but that’s not something you have much control over with naturally dyed wool. The blue is gorgeous! The next one I will order will be the pebble 🙂

  4. Heike

    Thank you so much Kirstin and Azzie for Xanders (MCoonCat) new bed, of course l will be buying another one for our senior dog Pepe (Chi) who has taken over the pod already.

    I would highly recommend these pods to anyone, they are hand made and knitted to perfection in such a high quality. I am so happy with my purchase and would highly recommended one of these pods for any cat or small/senior dog

  5. Jo

    Our Coonies love Azzies Snugglepods & so do I. My 9yo boy Snowstorms separation anxiety has decreased noticeably since he started using his pod. I can see that he feels comforted and safe snuggled in it and its been very therapeutic for him. They stretch when the kids move about in them, and then bounce back with huggie softeness. Perfect size, beautiful colour choices, excellent construction & versatile design. Theyre so much more than just a bed.

  6. Maia

    Kirsten is such a beautiful person and makes the snugglepod with love and care. It comes beautiful, well made and my two are always fighting over it. I have just ordered another one as they are the best thing for my boys to keep them snuggly and warm. I can highly recommend Kirsten and her snugglepods.

  7. Lisa

    I ordered one for my son’s kitty, Pevensie in Omaha. she loves it! jumped right in it as soon as it was opened. These are very well made and so soft. A must have for all kittys.

  8. Jane

    I’ve had a snugglepod for about a year now and Mishi, my 15yo cat with arthritis loves it. It’s very soft and warm on her old joints and beautifully made with lots of love. The new addition to the family (Jack, a Kelpie x heeler) has decided he loves it too (even though he doesn’t really fit, albeit it has some stretching qualities), much to Mishi’s disgust! Looks like I’ll be getting her another pod so she can live out her senior years in comfortable handmade woolly bliss.

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