SnugglePod Tips

When you first receive your SnugglePod, take care when opening the package. Please do not use a knife.

SnugglePods have a right and a wrong side, this is just part of knitting. When I fold the beds for shipping, they are turned the correct way so all you need to do is unfasten the bow, turn it right side up and gently pull the sides out. You will notice the stitches on the outside of the pod (the right side) are much larger than the inside of the pod (the wrong side). SnugglePods tends to sit more symmetrically when the larger stitches are facing the outside of the pod, I also think that it looks a lot nicer that way, too.

Give your SnugglePod a plump up because it will have squished a little in transit. Gently pat the inside of the pod into shape and check that it is turned the correct way.

Let your SnugglePod or SnuggleBlanket air out for a few hours before giving it to your pet. Wool has a distinctive scent and this can be exacerbated while in the postage bags. Leave your SnugglePod in a safe place with good air flow and the wool scent will dissipate in no time.

Be sure to place a cotton blanket in the SnugglePod as it is far easier to clean than the bed itself.

I sometimes have people email me worried that their cat/dog may not like a new bed as their pet is very particular about where they sleep. Here is a little tip that really does work if your furry kid is a little reluctant to try their SnugglePod. Simply place a shirt that smells like their favorite person into the pod. This way their new bed smells a little more like home and this will hopefully help them adjust. If that doesn’t work then a treat always goes down well.

For kittens/puppies/older animals and for summer use, simply curl the sides downwards into the SnugglePod. This makes for comfy summer lounging and enables easy access for the older pets with the added benefit of having a lovely soft pillow on which to rest their tired head. 

Azzie’s SnugglePods are very soft and malleable so they will need plumping up from time to time, especially if your pet loves lying on top of theirs. I usually ‘make’ Azzie’s bed just before I tuck him in, so that it is just how he likes it. I gently pull the sides upwards and pat the inside of his bed into shape before he climbs in. Some kids like to curl up in their bed, nose to tail, others like to perform yoga poses, however your pet likes to sleep, their SnugglePod will move around them and cuddle them to sleep.

Please email me if you have any further questions!

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